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Current Price List

as-of 11/23/2022

Our stock paper for almost everything is 100# gloss cover. The prices below assume use of our house stock cover unless noted.

In addition, everything except business cards is priced by the sheet with a $20 per-line-item minimum. This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you the basic idea.

For quotes not listed here, please email sales@timesmedia.net with a description of what you want in the body of the email and include the art as an attachment. If you want a double-side piece with the same art on both sides please include the text, "Same art both sides". If we get a request for a double-sided job with only one piece of art attached we'll email asking for the other side and your job will be put on hold until we receive it!

Business Cards

Box of 500 single-sided $20
Box of 500 double-sided $35

4x6 Postcard Flyers (8 per sheet)

Single-sided - $20 gets you 160.
Double-sided - $20 gets you 104.

4x4 Postcard Flyers (12 per sheet)

Single-sided - $20 gets you 240.
Double-sided - $20 gets you 156.

3x4 Postcard Flyers (15 per sheet)

Single-sided - $20 gets you 300.
Double-sided - $20 gets you 195.

13"x19" Posters

Single-sided - $1.00 each. $20 gets you 20.
Double-sided - $1.60 each. $20 gets you 13.

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